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Tissue Packaging Machine News

Replacing high temperature belt in packaging machine

Date:2020/7/15 10:16:50 Click:21

Tips:Replacing high temperature belt in packaging machine

There are certain skills in changing high temperature belt.

Firstly, the spring of the pressure wheel is compressed by hand, then one end of the high temperature belt is placed on the rubber wheel, and the other end is held by hand against the other rubber wheel, and the governor is set to low speed. As soon as it is started, the high temperature belt is automatically installed by the inertia of motion.

This shows that the fault is caused by lack of oil. Add the grease into the gearbox after mixing, and tighten the screws to recover.  After turning on the machine, the noise disappears and the sealing is normal.

In addition, if the joint of the high-temperature belt is loose, seriously worn, dirty and the running process is not synchronized with the traction wheel, and Sometimes it makes noise.

Replacing high temperature belt in packaging machine solution is to replace the high-temperature belt of the same specification.