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Main performance and structural features:
1. thermal cirulation system using heat integrated design, rapid temperature raise up.
2. SSR and PID temperature control, temperature tolerance t 1 C elsius.
3. Adopt long metal heater, durable and stable.

4. Heater drawer design, for easy inspection and heater commection changing.

5 Conveyor speed controlled by frequency inverter, speed adjustable 10-40m/min.

6 Standard live roller design.

7. Adjustable air flow vents control the air flow volume by frequency inverter.

8. Both side lateral air flow direction is adjustable.

9. Insulation layer between heating zone and outer skin of about 100mm to minimize heat loss.

Main performance andstructural features:
1. motorized center seal system as standard ( only for CS model).
2 Pice counter, batch production setting possible.
3 Measurement of the pack length.
4. Reduced power consumption.
5 Packing film requirement: polyolefin,  polyethylene micro perforated film,thickness from 10 to 50u.
6, Compliance with CE regulations.

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