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Tissue Packaging Machine News

Wet tissue packing machine about How do newborns choose wet wipes

Date:2020/11/17 15:16:13 Click:7
Wet tissue packing machine about how to choose wet wipes for newborns

Wet tissue packing machine about how to choose wet wipes for newborns. The skin of newborns is delicate. After defecation, wipe them with baby wipes, which can make them clean and comfortable. It's inconvenient for us to take our baby out of the house because of many factors. It's very simple and convenient to take a bag of wet paper towel to wipe away the small face, dirty hands and butt in time.

1.Product name, address, telephone number, shelf life, main effective ingredients, production batch number or production date, hygiene license number, operation instructions and precautions, etc.

2.  Baby wipes have their own shelf life. The shelf life of each product is different, with 1-3 years. Please be sure to use baby wipes within the warranty period, preferably within one year after the date of manufacture.

Wet tissue packing machine

3. Pay attention to the sensory quality. The non-woven fabric or dust-free paper of qualified baby wipes should be soft and white, and may not be easy to fuzz after use.

4. Baby wipes may have various flavors according to different formulas. It is recommended to use them without spices. Good baby wipes are soft, pure water tastes elegant. If you find that baby wipes smell bad, please stop using them.

Wet tissue packing machine

5. Pay attention to the sealing. The packing of the wet wipes in bags should be sealed without any damage; the packages of the wet wipes packed in boxes and cans should be complete without damage. The package is sealed well to keep the efficacy of sterilization and disinfection management of wipes. After taking the wipes, the sealing strip should be pasted immediately to avoid high temperature or direct sunlight, which may cause the wipes dry and affect the teaching effect of enterprises.

6. Wet tissue packing machine, pay attention to stimulation, baby's eyes are relatively fragile, usually do not use wet towel directly wipe eyes, middle ear and mucous membrane, such as skin redness, itching, irritation and other symptoms after using wet towel, should immediately stop using.

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